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Sijin to Present Paper at HCI International 2023

I'm pleased to share that my invited paper, Human Decision-Making and Machine Assistance in Subtitle Translation Through the Lens of Viewer Experience, has been accepted by the 25th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction and published by Springer as part of the conference proceedings.

I look forward to presenting my work at the conference tomorrow in the session Artificial and Augmented Intelligence Applications on Language, Text, and Speech-Related Tasks chaired by Ming Qian, who brought together my colleagues Huaqing Wu, Eric Liao, and myself to discuss how translators and interpreters interact with technology in their daily work. My thanks go to Ming for inviting us to share our experiences and insights.

Subtitle translation is a unique combination of language skills and technical expertise. In my paper, I documented my decision-making processes and delved into machine technology's current capabilities and limitations in this field. I emphasized the significance of empathy and judgment in creating an exceptional viewer experience and suggested future directions for developing machine technology to aid human translators better.

The future holds promising opportunities for technical advancements in audiovisual translation. As machine capabilities advance, entrusting them to highly skilled linguists becomes even more crucial. Expert linguists can effectively harness machine assistance while demonstrating empathy toward the viewers and making well-considered decisions to ensure an outstanding outcome.


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