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All translation projects are managed and done by yours truly. You and your text will receive unmatched attention and care from beginning to end. 

I'm perfect for you whether you have a one-time translation need or regularly translate into Simplified Chinese and wish to collaborate long-term with the same translator. This is my life's work, and I'm here for you.


Please fill out my contact form on the Contact page or email me with your project details for a free and zero-obligation quote. 


I go all out for my clients and deeply care about your success. I've been in this industry long enough to know the rarity of reader-experience-focused translation and obsessive dedication to quality.


Translation, when done right, is an effortful creative process and a bespoke service. I ask for fair compensation for my time, experience, and skills so that I can show up fully to give your text the care and attention it deserves. 

That said, I do believe in being a force for good in the world and regularly donate a portion of my revenue to causes I care about, especially access to food and shelter and environmental protection. In that spirit, I do offer a slightly discounted rate for nonprofits engaging in good faith to help amplify the voice of hope and compassion.


I invest in business infrastructure and tools to make things easy for my clients in every step of working with me, and payment options are no exception. Besides receiving checks, bank transfers, and PayPal/Venmo payment, I also provide easy online payment via credit card and e-check for your convenience. 

Translation sample

Buying decisions can be hard to make, especially given the online, remote nature of my business and the complexity of the translation market. I understand the hesitation you may be feeling, and I'm here to do everything at my disposal to address your concerns and demonstrate the quality of my work. 

I'm happy to translate a small portion of your text for you to evaluate before deciding to move forward with me. Please note that in the spirit of fairness and good faith: 

1) You'll agree to pay for the sample unless clear and convincing reasons are given as to how my translation falls short of your expectations;

2) You'll confirm in writing that you do intend to book me for the project as long as my sample meets your standards. 

Quality control

I run my business from a place of service and integrity, not scarcity. I only take projects that I genuinely believe are in alignment with my strengths and skills. 


I proofread my own work, and I stand by its quality. My translations are frequently reviewed with a proven track record of excellence in my collaboration with several translation agencies, and one of them has exempted my work from additional proofreading before it's submitted to the end client. I'm also regularly tasked to check other linguists' work for quality assurance.


Of course, you're more than welcome to hire another linguist for review. I only ask that you would consider allowing me a chance to go through the edits and finalize the translation. Otherwise, I shall have no responsibility for any changes in the translation made by anyone other than myself.

Translation approach

Every creative project has a client brief, and translation is no different. To produce result-oriented renditions, I shift my priority depending on the nature and purpose of the text at hand.

In some cases, I refrain from changing or improving the text when loyalty to the original reigns supreme. For example, in academic credential translation, there's certain wording that accreditation officers are looking for, so it needs to be exact albeit “foreign” at times. Or when it comes to an official statement, which has gone through countless rounds of drafting and where no words are included by accident, exactness is crucial.


But in other contexts, the text is used for practical communication purposes, whether it's to inform, inspire, or entertain. In such cases, I consider the reading habits of the target audience and don't shy away from tweaking the text when necessary. I aim to create an optimal reading experience and achieve effective communication. 


I don't translate like a machine. My goal is not to simply turn your text into Chinese, but to leave your readers with clarity and satisfaction. I see myself as your active collaborator. Instead of uncritically transferring everything I see on paper, I flag errors, fact-check, and rephrase for readability. 

Process for clients

Once you've reached out to me, you'll receive a quote for my service within one business day.


The exact work process varies based on the project type, size, and complexity. Once we start working together, you'll be guided every step of the way, from signing the contract to sending payment and everything in between. For larger projects, we'll have a more elaborate onboarding process, including completing an in-take questionnaire and setting up a progress monitoring system. 

In short, all you need to do is take the first step and get in touch. I'll take care of your text and take care of you. 

Before you go, grab my free guide below!

How to Vet Translators.png

I want your text to be in good hands! I've seen too many cases where a translation project had to be redone because someone unqualified had butchered it. 

I got so frustrated by this until I realized maybe people genuinely don't know what to look for in translators. 

That's why I created this guide—to equip you with insider knowledge so that you know how to select the right translator for your project no matter what. 

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