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Sijin Chats about Subtitling on El Café de la Tarde with Ale Durán

Last Saturday, I had the distinct honor of appearing on the "El Café de la Tarde" show hosted by my Spanish-language colleague Ale Durán on her YouTube channel as her first non-Spanish-speaking guest. I met Ale at the 63rd Annual Conference of the American Translators Association, where we both presented on subtitling in our sessions.

Our coffee chat centered on how to enhance viewer experience in subtitling (one of my favorite topics). To provide more context, we also touched on some interesting differences between English and Chinese and their implications in subtitling.

Here are the five tips I shared.

  1. Always be working on your languages

  2. Message over words

  3. Be a good mimic

  4. Be a good conductor

  5. Be in your viewers' shoes

You can watch the replay here:

I also mentioned the educational video I made for ATA's Audiovisual Division, which provides extensive explanations on improving viewer experience with concrete examples and practical tips.

You can watch the video here:


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