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Sijin's Speech for Interpretation Practice

At the 63rd Annual Conference of the American Translators Association, a new professional dream of mine was born: pursuing conference interpretation.

Starting in December of 2022, I practiced diligently at the consecutive notetaking sessions hosted by David Violet, a seasoned expert and established conference interpreter. In December of 2023, I began my simultaneous interpretation practice and found a treasure trove of materials on the YouTube channel of the Toronto Interpreters Practice. Coincidentally, ATA Chinese Language Division's Yifeng blog, for which I serve as the Editor-in-Chief, did a feature coverage of the very organization in the same month.

Gearing up to join the Conference Interpretation program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in the fall, I was thrilled to join the practice group in March and to contribute a short speech for consecutive interpreting to TIP in the April session!

On the topic of studying abroad, I prepared an English speech about the story of Yung Wing, the first known Chinese graduate of an American university. Whether you check it out for practice or out of curiosity, I hope you find the story as fascinating as I did!


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