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​Thank you so much for coming to my world.


Please check your email to confirm your subscription, and then you'll be taken to my guide for vetting translators. This complimentary handbook is my attempt to explain from an insider's point of view exactly what goes into translation and what skills are needed to produce excellent work. 


The translation market can be overwhelming to navigate, especially when you don't know the other language! That's why I included concrete action steps you might consider taking to find the best linguist for your project. It's my dream to see high-quality translations blossom all over the world in all languages, and your due diligence is a step in making that dream come true. For that, I thank you.

You'll be added to my mailing list upon your confirmation. I value your time and won't spam you with unproductive information. My aim is to share industry insights to help you plan your translation and globalization strategy, and share important updates on my business as I continuously evolve. 

While I'd appreciate a spot in your inbox, I'll not overstay my welcome. You can unsubscribe at any time.



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