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Working on your text is a privilege. You must be selective about who you give it to. I’m here to serve you however I can, but even if I’m not the one for you this time, I want to set you on a path to success. 

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Greetings from North Bethesda, Maryland!


I'm Sijin (pronounced "Sea-jean," impossible to say without a smile), owner of Translaxian LLCI've been doing English-Simplified Chinese (Mainland) translation full time since 2015 and I passed the certification exam of the American Translators Association on my first try in 2016.

I'm the translator you hire to add the magical touch that delights your audience when just good enough is not enough. Because to me, translation is an act of passing on the transformative power of words, where I get to pour my heart into amplifying the message that springs from you soul. 

(202) 361-2665

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I cannot say enough about how consistently excellent Sijin’s English-to-Chinese translation is. On the foundation of meticulous care with accuracy, she invariably turns out elegant prose.


She is a pleasure to work with—always willing to discuss suggested edits (which are few) and always returning brilliant alternatives that are sourced from a deep appreciation of the importance of language and the joy in rendering one into another. I’ve worked with Sijin over many years, and we entrust her with our most important texts.

​Communications Director at a NYC-based advocacy organization

Sijin is both professional and easy to work with. She is always quick with a response and speedy turnaround time. She always shows great cooperation and flexibility even with the most difficult rush jobs. With Sijin, we never worry about accuracy nor formatting. For all our Mandarin language needs, we only go to one professional translator: Sijin.

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Taoufik Ben Ammar, Ph.D.

Chairman, Capital Communications Group, Inc.

Your investment in top-quality translation
​reflects your commitment to your audience.

And I make sure your investment is worthwhile by only taking on projects that I am 100% certain I can do an excellent job of.  Here's what I do best: 

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Research Report Translation

​Publishable quality, guaranteed. 

I hold a Master's degree in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs from American University, and I specialize in scholarly or journalistic writings in the fields of government, policy, and international relations. I'm the go-to translator for research reports, best practice handbooks, and NGO submissions for several prominent organizations with a research interest in China. 

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Localization and Transcreation

Creativity and prose are my super powers.

Relax, I'll explain the lingo. You've probably heard that machine translation is getting incredibly powerful, and you've probably also seen hilarious machine-induced translation faux pas circling on social media. This is because computers might be good at formulaic, word-based tasks (think user agreements), but they are lacking in cultural awareness, literary flair, and creative expressions. And that's where I come in! I'll take care of your website, marketing materials, branding elements, and anything else that you need a creative human translator for. 

Editing & Post Production

Subtitle Translation

Localized, easy-to-read rendition that flows. 

I regularly provide audiovisual translation for TV shows, films, and documentaries as a glorified couch potato. I work meticulously to cultivate the most pleasurable reading experience for the viewers by creating idiomatic and snappy subtitles with impeccable timing. It takes a village to produce high-quality video content, and I want to honor every bit of your dedication. 

Notary Stamps

Certified Document Translation

Diplomas, transcripts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and more.

I make sure every little detail is done right, down to the formatting itself. You will receive a PDF file that includes my signed certificate of accuracy, my translation, and your original document. I can also provide a hard copy with a wet signature upon request. I translate from both English to Chinese and Chinese to English, and the typical turnaround time is 1-2 business days.

Sijin has been working with Glocalize for the past 3 years as a Chinese linguist, both authoring and QCing timed-text subtitles for our video streaming media clients.


Foremost, Sijin's linguistic expertise is exceptional. She possesses full native fluency in both English and Chinese, as exhibited by exceedingly high-performance metrics in all her delivered tasks. Early on she demonstrated a keen attention to detail and the ability to locate and correct errors in translated work, earning her a spot on our Quality Control team.


As a QCer, she contributed unfailingly to the technical and linguistic refinement of other translators’ subtitling work. Her experience in translation covers diverse subject matter, her communication skills are exceptional, and her work ethic and problem-solving skills unmatched, making her an ideal candidate for any localization project, big or small. 

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Multinational Localization Company

Headshot of Ilaria Storelli.

Sijin translated my Master's Degree certificate from Chinese to English and she did an amazing job! She was punctual, precise and I couldn't be happier with the result. Working with her was a pleasure and I was really impressed by her professionalism.

Ilaria Storelli

Junior Incentive Travel & Events Planner

Just so we're clear...

My full scope of services

  • English-to-Chinese translation in any field or industry meant for a general audience

  • English-to-Chinese localization and transcreation

  • Certified personal and official document translation from Chinese to English or from English to Chinese​

  • English-to-Chinese audiovisual translation (subtitling)

  • English-to-Chinese translation review, proofreading, editing, quality control​​

  • Chinese-to-English translation and localization (highly dependent on the nature of the text)

  • Remote community interpreting (occasional)


What I don't do

  • Translate into Traditional Chinese

  • Translate from or into Cantonese

  • English-to-Chinese translation for specialized legal, financial, medical, science, or engineering text meant for industry insiders and experts

  • Dubbing

  • Transcribing

  • Simultaneous or conference interpreting

  • On-site community interpreting​​

  • Chinese tutoring

​Don't see what you are looking for?

Feel free to shoot me an email to see if my linguistic skills can serve your needs. I'll be happy to tap into my network of fellow language professionals if I can't personally help you out.

Let me help you advance your mission

​through the art, craft, and science of words.


I have a discerning palate for what I call the flavors of words, with which I pick up the nuances and read between the lines. I take tremendous pride in my ability to compartmentalize the English and Chinese sections of my brain, so to speak, which allows my rendition to flow naturally instead of sounding stiff or "translated."


I'm drawn to the craftsmanship aspect of translation and take great pleasure in pondering over words and turns of phrase. I work best when given ample time to think and create. If you appreciate the artistic charm of a translation well done, then our collaboration will be a delight. 

I have contacted Sijin in order to translate my Master's degree diploma from Chinese to English and I am extremely pleased with her professionalism and rapid response. She has provided a service of high quality with a keen attention to detail. Furthermore, in all the emails exchanged she has always been kind. In short, I would recommend her services for any professional, researcher and/or student that needs their documents to be translated with the utmost attention and professionalism. 

Headshot of Ricardo Kotz.

I’ve been working on a few subtitle translation projects with Sijin in the last couple of years. The quality of her work has always been of a high standard, and it’s always a pleasant experience to read her translations.

Headshot of Gina Guo.

Gina Guo

UK-based Chinese Translator

Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists

Ricardo Kotz

​Junior Researcher and Assistant Professor