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I have my phone on silent when I work, but I'll get back to you ASAP if you leave me a voicemail. Thanks!

Welcome! Hi, I'm Sijin (pronounced "Sea-jean," impossible to say without a smile). I am a professional English-Simplified Chinese (Mainland) translator certified by the American Translators Association based in the Washington D.C. Metro Area.


Combining my background in social sciences and lifelong passion for language, I serve research, advocacy, and advisory institutions, translating research reports, best practice handbooks, press releases, and other journalistic, nonfiction writings. I perform diligent research and render your work with clarity and elegance. 


I enjoy putting my creativity and knack for crafting vibrant prose into translating marketing materials and corporate communications, because speaking their language, both literally and figuratively, is the way to the consumers' heart. I not only convey your information and message, but also the unique energy and charm of your brand. 


I regularly undertake subtitling translation projects for TV shows, films, and documentaries. I work tirelessly to cultivate the most pleasurable reading experience for the viewers by creating natural and easy-to-read subtitles and timing them thoughtfully. It takes a village to produce high-quality video content, and I want to honor every bit of your dedication. 


I am also happy to fulfill your need for certified translation of personal and official documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, syllabi, academic transcripts, and diplomas. I make sure every little detail is reflected accurately, down to the formatting itself.


If you are seeking a streamlined, stress-free experience working with a skilled, dedicated, and communicative translator, I warmly welcome you to join my network of happy and satisfied clients. Get in touch now for a free evaluation and quotation (or referral), because I only take on projects that I am 100% certain I can do an excellent job of. 

Why me? I am honored and proud to count among my clients PEN America, US-China Strong Foundation, Rights and Security International, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Dulles International Airport, and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. I am committed to providing consistently high-quality translation services by:


  • Writing clearly and elegantly.                                                                                                                                             I strive to not only accurately convey the meaning of your text but also closely imitate your style as a writer. I make sure my translations sound authentic and flow naturally in the target language. 


  • Doubling as a proofreader.                                                                                                                                       Writing mistakes happen and can get overlooked. I carefully examine your original text as I work and flag grammar, syntax, and spelling errors if they occur.


  • Promptly responding to follow-ups.                                                                                                                                My relationship with clients does not end with the submission of translations. Whenever you need some additional help—whether it's tweaking my translation to a slightly modified original text or checking if the translation looks all right format-wise when published, I am here to serve. 






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