Translation + Editing Package

Your one-stop shop for premium Chinese translations.

Have your documents gone through rounds of edits and revisions? We want to treat them with the same level of care. With my handpicked team of dedicated translation professionals, we work on your text draft after draft, corrections upon corrections, until we get it perfect. 


In other words, what I was born to do.

I offer English-Chinese translation services in the following areas:

General texts: I work on documents in all fields that have minimal technical terminology, such as website content, promotional materials, and brochures

Certified document translation: I provide certified document translation services for academic and immigration purposes in both directions: English to Chinese and Chinese to English. 

Specialized and technical texts:translate scholarly or journalistic nonfiction writings. My specialties are international relations and social science. I have translated press releases, journal articles, special reports, open letters, and best practice guidelines for various well-respected organizations with a research interest in China. 


Yes, I am a word nerd. Yes, I love editing.

I review and edit English-Chinese translation projects performed by other translators. I strive to create the best reading experience for your audience with the most authentic use of expression and most precise statement of ideas, one suggestion at a time. 

Subtitle Translation

Accurate, localized rendition that flows.

I regularly work with an industry-leading streaming service company as a contractor for both content translation and proofreading projects. I've worked on movies, dramas, TV shows for kids, and documentaries. Proficient in Aegisub, I can translate your video script and add the subtitles for you with impeccable line breaks, reading speed, and timing. 

Research and Consultation

I wish graduate school had never ended.

I provide research assistance in China-related projects, primarily through identifying and translating essential articles and resources in Chinese into English. 

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