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Working Out While Working: A Review of My New Exercise Bike Desktop

A sedentary lifestyle, also known as the sitting disease, is probably one of the top risks for modern work life where sitting in a cubicle all day has become the norm. Growing research has exposed the damage of sitting too much with little physical activity to our wellbeing, such as the health of our mind, organs, and quality of sleep. The translator community, often consisting of hardworking language nerds who easily—and happily—immerse themselves in an ocean of words translating an entire day away, has taken notice. I know of colleagues who have set up elevated desktops to work while standing or fixated a desk on top of a treadmill to maximize activity.

I recently purchased an exercise bike that includes an adjustable desktop fixture from Amazon, and I can't be more pleased with it. So I thought I’d write about it here to recommend it to all my translator friends, as well as everyone who needs to incorporate more moving into their living. The bike is called Stamina Wirk Ride Cycling Workstation, and it’s this elegant-looking, sleekly designed exercise bike with a multi-functional desktop. Pictures and a demo video for this product are available on Amazon or the Stamina website itself.

The desktop is spacious enough to fit a laptop. (I use MacBook Air 11’ and it still has 5-6 inches more to go on the surface.) It also has a built-in cup holder and an adjustable book holder, which is also perfect for my Kindle. The heightened ridge of the surface is thoughtfully designed so that there is no slipping while you are working and pedaling. What’s more, it can double as a "standing desk": when you are tired of pedaling, just simply stand up and keep on working!

The bike part of this workstation is quite standard, with customizable settings for the height of the seat, tension, and the distance between your seat and the desktop. It also has a battery-powered monitor recording the time, speed, distance, and calories of your biking. The monitor is perfect for motivation and holding yourself accountable. I have set the goal of pedaling away at least 300 calories since I got the bike, and I’m often surprised at the end of the day that the number has hit 500. In fact, I’m only 4 calories to my daily goal now, and it’s only noon!

This bike is a really worthwhile investment, and I’m excited to reap the health benefits every day. What are some of your tips for breaking a sedantary lifestyle?



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